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Choosing the best form of air conditioning for your requirements need not be a confusing or complex process.

The list below is a brief outline of initial aspects you will need to consider before ordering your air conditioning system. The importance of each factor will vary and your final decision should always be in consultation with a qualified air conditioning representative.


This is often the most important question – What do you actually want your air conditioning system to do? In which area do you need it to be effective?


Heating and Cooling

In our environment both aspects should be addressed. Have you a plan which requires your air conditioning to cool only or will it be your method of heating as well?


Do you want your air conditioning to be a feature of the building, or to be discreet? There is a huge range of outlets and types of air conditioners, all of which will look different when installed. Modern systems are designed to be installed in the smallest of places and look like a fixture of the building. It is imperative that you liaise with a qualified representative to assist with your final decision.


There is a variety of brands and types of air conditioning. The choice of a brand can be influenced by factors such as your own previous experience or a friend’s recommendation. Any of these may have a bias. It is worth looking closely at a variety of options and selecting the features that suit you and your budget. Choose a company that offers a range of brands to choose from.


Air conditioning is becoming more common place in our society and it is now more affordable than ever before. The initial cost of an air conditioner is still quite significant and it is an area where the cheapest is generally not the best option. Your air conditioning system may be designed to last from 5 years to 20 years, so a small saving initially may be an expensive mistake. If budget constraints mean you cannot afford a complete system, then you are better off air conditioning a smaller section of the building than accepting a sub-standard design. Your qualified representative will provide advice on provisions only, which may enable you to install only the essential components, so that completion may occur easily in the future.

Running Costs

Any form of environment modification will consume energy in one form or another. Modern air conditioning is possibly the most efficient form of climate control. The running costs of cooling systems vary significantly between brands and types of air conditioners. It is best to determine what level of climate control is required or desired.


A correctly designed and located unit will be quiet inside and outside the building which will keep the neighbours happy! Local councils have guidelines to assist with location of air conditioning units. In simple terms the less obtrusive and quieter the system, the better the environment for everyone.

Your final decision on the brand and model of air conditioning will need to take into consideration factors such as the application of the rooms requiring temperature control. Determining your exact temperature control requirements will determine the make and model you choose.

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